Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Destiny - You and I

Two different souls
Our paths crossed
And recrossed
And recrossed
We got entangled along the way
Can the knots ever be untangled?
Can it be detangled?

Two dfferent beings
Our destiny


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Picture this scenario: Funny but True

I am pretty certain that most people had experienced this before. You were happily and confidently walking somewhere, and suddenly your feet graced against something, and you either fell flat on your face, or if you were lucky, you managed to get hold of yourself in the nick of time before being sprawled in an embarrassing heap on the floor.

And what's really hilarious is that 99% of the time, (i.e if you fall under the lucky category), you will turn to look at what had caused the mishap. It is as though, by doing that you'd redeem your embarrassing situation.

And silently telling the world that "hey, it wasn't my fault!" I was careful but that "thing" on the floor, pavement, walkway was the one who had caused it.

Gee!!! I just saw one guy on a rooftop in front of the hotel that I'm staying in Singapore tripped just as he started making his way back.

And you guessed right. Despite knowing that there wasn't anyone watching him, he did turn back to take a look at what "object" had caused him to stumble (of course he didn't realize that yours truly was watching his entire antic from the comfort of my hotel room). Hence, what triggered me to express my thought on this scenario - Funny but True!!!