Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kitchen Makeover, Day 29

22 February 2010, Monday
Day 29

Today we depart to KL, after being in Singapore the last 4 days. And today is Day 29 since I started my kitchen make-over in late January. I'm hoping that everything can be wrapped up by the first week of March, as it has been too long and I'm going bonkers!

Drinking nature - an unquenchable thirst

27 February 2010, Saturday

All my heart desires
is to stand in an open meadow
and to get a whiff of green,
to taste the salubrious and unpolluted air,
to feel the earth want me,
without all this concrete pillars and beams
loathing me.

Kitchen Makeover: Day 34

27 February 2010, Saturday
Day 34

Today, the plaster ceiling are finally fixed. What's left to be done next Monday would be all the painting and eletrical work plus final touches here and there. Pending the installation of kitchen cabinets, I have to put on hold cleaning up my brand new kitchen.

And because of all the delay in the outstanding work (I was hoping everything would be completed by Saturday), I have no choice but to shelve my plan of accompanying my husband to Malacca (he's there for a 3-day strategic planning meeting). Dread and double dread!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 33

26 February 2010, Friday
Day 33

I was hoping that today most of the outstanding work would be done, but again was disappointed as Jali said that the plaster ceiling could only can be done on Saturday.

The plumber came to install the taps. And once he tested the washing machine tap, we were told the grim news that the water pressure was too low for it to function effectively.

This is due to the old taps from days gone by which may have rusted and blocked the water flow. Hence, we have no choice but to change to new piping system. And obviously, there's additional cost involved.

And, as today is a public holiday and since my busy-as-a-bee soulmate is around, we went to IKEA and Ikano Power Centre (Harvey Norman and Home Presentation) looking for kitchen accessories and fittings.

And I came home a happy woman as I got what I wanted for my kitchen - a beautiful black adjustable table which can extend on both ends should the need arise. And to complement our kitchen theme, we bought 2 black and 2 white chairs. The set is really pretty. I also indulged in 4 black vases and a transparent vase.

And later we drove to Jaya Jusco at Maluri as we wanted to look for an electronic crockery dryer. Earlier, we had scouted for it at Harvey Norman but was disappointed as the one they have in stock looks more like a hamster cage. So, when we saw the one at JJ, we bought it without much hesitation.

Drying dishes and cutleries has always been a thorny and wet issue, and with this set, the problem of a messy and wet area would be a thing of the past.

All in all, despite the earlier disappointment (with the slow progress of my kitchen makeover and the grim news about our piping system), I am deliriously happy as I got what my heart desired. And I'm certainly looking forward to decorating my kitchen next week.

Kitchen Makeover: Day 32

25 February 2010, Thursday
Day 32

Today, the workers laid the floor tiles, and thank God all the tiling work is finally completed. What's left to be done is plumbing which would be done tomorrow.

Kitchen Makeover: Day 31

24 February 2010, Wednesday
Day 31

As my kitchen floor was rather uneven, the workers spent today cementing it, and finalising the tiling on the concrete cabinet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 30

23 February 2010, Tuesday
Day 30

Today marks the 30th day since my kitchen underwent a makeover. And I'm fervently hoping that by next week, everything would have been completed.

I miss tinkering in my kitchen. I miss a clean and neat house. And most of all, I miss my own cooking. I miss whipping up a frenzy in my kitchen.

Basically, I miss home-cooked food as we have been tapauing or dining outside the last 30 days. And believe me, all of us are getting sick and tired of consuming outside food. Some days, it gets downright unbearable, thinking of just what to eat.

Sayonara Singapore and back to my Kitchen Makeover, Day 29

22 February 2010, Monday
Day 29

After 4 glorious days with my gorgeous and awesome friends in Singapore and with a heavy heart, I left Singapore.

I had an amazing time there. ... And I was really touched by the attention and care showered by my dear friends during my stay there. Both my husband and I were amused when Munah's brother-in-law, Peter, arranged for a car to pick us up from Holiday Inn.

We left in style in a MERCEDES (I felt like I was in a make-believe world). And upon arrival at Changi airport, we were met by Sabariah who bought us a heavenly brunch at a North Indian restaurant and got me a handsome discount when I purchased some perfumeries.

Earlier, she had ordered layered cake all the way from Medan with just a phone call to one of her SilkAir colleagues in Medan and refused to accept payment for it. How could I ever thank all my friends, especially Sabariah and hubby Shafii, Munah and hubby Nor, Safaruan and wife Sabariah, Isa and the rest?  In fact I had never felt more loved.

And once I reached home, it was back to reality, back to a messy house, from the dining, to the living to the family hall and right up to my bedroom, everywhere is a mess pending completion of my kitchen makeover. And to my friends in Singapore, I'm gonna miss u and love you guys and gals!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Quaint evening by the poolside

21 February 2010 Sunday

This evening, my husband and I went to Munah's house (my ex class mate) and were joined by some of the Majuans, batch 1976 for a BBQ by the poolside. Some of Munah's family members were there too - her dad, her sis, her brother-in-law, Peter, her kids and her grand-kids.

This quaint little gathering saw the presence of Safaruan and wife, Sabariah, Sabariah and hubby, Shafii, Hafiz and wife, Yati, Usop and wife, Amanda, Syed Mohamad and wife, Hajar, Syed Salim (solo), Hamid and wife, Linda, Isa, Zainab, and Suriani.

Seated front from left: Munah, Amanda, yours truly, Yati, Sabariah, Hajar, Zainab, Suriani
Back standing: Amir (my soulmate, Usop, Hafiz, Shafii, Safaruan, Syed Mohamad, Isa, Nor (Munah's hubby) 

Sabariah took centre stage from the moment we arrived at 7:00 p.m. There was no stopping her the moment she hit the gazebo. She regaled us with hilarious tales and had us in stitches till our sides ached. And we were amazed at her boundless energy. Suffice to say, she is really one of a kind, and she's absolutely the complete opposite of her dear hubby, Shafii.

Munah commented how quiet I had been. How could anyone else open their mouth with Sabariah holding court.....LOL!!!

And Munah teased me mercilessly about how neat I had kept my uniform when I was in school. And everyone was stumped when I told them my dad was the one who had to iron my pleated skirt. The pleats were sharp and crisp and that was the way I liked my uniform every day.

And they remembered too how clean and white my school shoes were. Oh my....those were the days.

Before we realised it, it was already past midnight. As tomorrow was a working day, we called it a night at 12:30 p.m. It was a great reunion of some sort for me and one which I'll remember for a long time - Awesome food, and even more AWESOME company.

Isa, Suriani and Zainab dropped us off at Holiday Inn, Orchard. And the minute both my husband and I hit our pillows, we went to lalaland almost immediately.

It has been a truly meaningful and awesome sojourn for me in Singapore. So long guys and gals. Till we meet again. I'm gonna miss everyone!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I met another photography enthusiast in Singapore today

21 February 2010, Sunday

I met Rabithah and her family, her hubby, Azli, her son Amin and her two girls (Munirah and Nur). We went for a drink and later chit chatted briefly as they had to leave to attend a funeral.

It was good catching jup with her as we seldom get to meet one another.

And I was amused when I realised her daughter, Nur is also very much into photography. Like me, she takes practically anything and everything under the sun. And she reminds me so much of my daughter, Khairina.
One of the photos of everything under the sun that Nur enjoys capturing.