Monday, April 19, 2010

Love's melody overflowing from my heart's piano

19 April 2010, Monday

sayang, today you add another year to your life
today, i love you more than life itself
loving you i truly adore
i could not ask, ask for more.

i never can find the right words to say,
i just go with the flow each and everyday.

i never knew there could be love like this,
in a world full of chaos, its always you i miss.

if there was one thing I could ask Allah for,
i would tell him that its you i adore.

my heart skips a beat when i hear the door,
because i know its you coming back for more.

since we had the four kittos together,
i know we can withstand any kind of weather.

i will pray to Allah
i will make doa for us,
so that Allah s.w.t will bless the kids' and our lives.

you have the key to my heart,
you unlocked it so now we can never part.

my heart painted an ancient song
but for us there won’t be an eternity
but no matter what we will try and try
and I’m sure we will always remain happy…

so if you listen very close
there is a special symphony
from someone’s heart piano
is where you’ll find love’s melody.

you are someone I love
i’ll keep on looking at you.

there are things I can’t say
for now love’s melody will do
the feelings I can’t convey
i stand by them, singing in soprano.

so listen to my love’s melody
overflowing from my heart’s piano........
happy birthday sayang
i will always love you....

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  1. Sayang thank you for the lovely melody of love. Ilove very much.