Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dad's Mixed Emotions....hmmm... and Mum's too...

My husband was kind of agitated and restless last night. He was perturbed that he was not able to contact the love of his life (me....unfortunately no!)....

He is so used to talking and chatting with the apple of his eyes, his only princess that he finds it hard to believe that she is non-contactable for the next 6 days. By any kind of standard in my household that is a long period of non-communication.

Our little princess (hmmmm. if truth be told she's no longer little as she turned 21 last week, but in our eyes, she'd remain little) is attending a programme organised by her university for Muslim students.

She's currently marooned in Malacca. My last communication with her was on Monday, 27 Dec when she sent an sms to me to tell me that she had arrived safely in Malacca, followed by another sms to say that all the participants' phones would be confiscated and would only be returned after the programme. Nonetheless, she did leave a message saying that if there's any urgent matters, we should convey the message to one of the committee members.

Last night was only the second night that my husband was not able to talk to his little girl and he was already feeling miserable, depressed and wretched. With wry amusement, I'm trying to imagine his state of mind over the next couple of days, and I hope I'd be spared the brunt of his misery!!!

Last night, he was complaining incessantly and actually muttering the absurdity of the organisers confiscating their handphones!!! And I did remind him that he could still call the committee member if he really wanted to talk to his daughter. I was amused when he exclaimed, "I will even bash the committee member!" I had a good laugh. 

As for me, of course I miss my little princess, but then again, I know someday, she'd leave her little nest and fly away to a strange place. She'd have her own life. Hence, this poem dedicated to our little princess:

How do Babah and Mama let go
Of the girl that mama has borne
How do we let her know
That our hearts can be so torn.

To keep her by our side
Would not be just or fair
And let her have a free ride
Would mean we don't care.

We know we taught her well
And that she knows right from wrong
Now...only time will tell
If she can be as strong.

But watching her go through the door
Make our  feelings sway
We must cover our tears...and more
And pray for her each day
That she'd be happy with with what lay for her in the horizon...

And deep in our hearts...
She'd always remain our little princess!!!!

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  1. hehe.i didn't know that babah was that worried. sampai nak belasah orang tu.haha.

    anyway, thanks ma & bah. thanks for poem and thoughts u both loads..