Monday, March 5, 2012

Are you coming or not?

Oh my! It's been ages since I last wrote in my blog. I have been buried under a rubble and mountains of work/projects/commitments since the 3rd quarter of last year that I've totally neglected penning down my thoughts.

If truth be told, my schedule is still extremely tight. Alas, I am compelled to write as I've been feeling awfully frustrated lately.

To be precise I'm fed up. I'm fed up with people who do not have the courtesy to reply or respond to RSVPs or emails or sms.

RSVP, in case you're wondering what it means, stands for a French phrase, "respondez, s'il vous plait,', which when translated, simply means, "please reply'. 

Trust me, it will not take more than 1 or 2 seconds to reply to an sms. If you do not believe me, try timing yourself! What really bugs me is that some of these people not only fail to respond to sms, they don't even have the courtesy to respond or pick up phone calls!!

Sometimes, I just wonder why people ever bother to own a handphone if all they do is ignore all calls or smses! Aren't these people aware that courtesy would demand them to respond to RSVPs or smses?

Imagine if everyone were to have such uncouth and ill-mannered habits, what would happen to a host who needs to tally the number of guests against food to be catered or ordered for a function he/she is planning to host?

The rules surrounding reply etiquettes remain the same as they have always been, since time immemorial. Having RSVP etiquette is a perfect opportunity to show that you are considerate and respectful of other people's time and thoughts.

The term RSVP is a polite way of requesting a response to the invitation, not a suggestion to the invited guest to respond if he or she feels like it.

For those people out there who are still in the dark as to what I'm talking or rambling about, I would urge you to read this interesting article on RSVP.

Alright people. Think carefully again when you receive an invite in future (regardless of what the invitation is for). Just allocate a few seconds to RSVP which will go a long way in aleviating any problems your host may encounter. You may think it is trivial and silly, but one fine day, you yourself may be at the receiving end. Squirm if you must!!! 

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  1. Up to the point of writing, I'm feeling extremely fed up with my house renovation contractor, who had never bothered to respond to my sms after 3 attempts!!!