Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friends are like rare gems

Ever wondered why you choose certain friends over the others, especially friends who are dear to you? In our lives, we picked up many friends, and along the way, there would be friends you meet either in school, college, university, work, courses, etc. and these days we can also make lots of friends either through Facebook or other social media platform.

In my case, I have made lots of friends over the years, from my primary school days in Singapre and Penang up to my high school. And I have also befriended many college and university mates in Kuala Lumpur.

These friends form the various phases of your life. Some are like sand on the beach.

With each crushing wave they are washed ashore, while others are like rocks standing strong and steadfast, embedded to last a lifetime.

There are friends who fit the maxim, "A friend in need is a friend indeed", while some others are just there for you briefly, someone who has no qualms deserting you in your hour of need.

I still recalled this story related by my brother when asked why he did not ask one of us siblings to pick him up at the airport (at that time he was still studying abroad) and his reply amused me inmensely. "It's ok. My friend can pick me up. I feel more comfortable getting my friend to pick me up. In any case I do not want to trouble you guys!"

Strange that sometimes we are not comfortable with our own siblings yet we feel very much at ease confiding in our friends, baring our soul to them. Strange indeed but that's life's reality.

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