Thursday, May 20, 2010

i wander, and i meander, and i wonder why

20 May 2010, Thursday

every so often i wander,
i wander here and i wander there
and as i wander, i wonder
why i wander and i wonder

then i amble into my fantasy
i meander into my pipe dream
i ramble into a world of unreality
and i build castles in the air


i saunter into another planet
my own world
my own flight of imagination
far away from reality
far away from this earth
where nobody exits

and where nothing subsists except me

as i look up into the sky
with a canopy of bright shining and twinkling stars
i marvel and i start to wonder and meander...
i wonder why i love to wander and meander
and i wonder

i wander and meander
away to another space
far away from this place
away from my body
away from my soul
away, and i've gone astray


i've vanished into space
petered away into the cosmos
evaporated into this vast universe

and i wonder
why do i wander and wonder
i wonder if everyone likes to wonder
and meander and wander the way i do
i doubt anyone can understand
why i wander and i wonder
and i wonder if i myself can understand


and there i go again
i'm wandering all around
trying to get hold of someone
who can meander
who can wander
and who can wonder along with me......
i wonder if i can find that someone

i wander and i meander
i wonder



  1. Thanks. And may you be blessed too.

  2. Wah..akhirnya dia bersuara...sekarang nih u kena meneka dlm kesamaran..siapa gerangan dia tuh..BTW, nice poem and picture as well.

  3. Thanks Zam, akan ku usahakan untuk menyelesaikan teka teki ini.