Monday, May 16, 2011

Is your shop open 24 hours?

Mid Valley or Front Cleavage
In the early 70's right up to the early 90's, if a girl or woman is seen with her petticoat or slip showing beneath her skirt or long skirt, that is something to be frowned upon. And usually you'll hear remarks like "Your Sunday is longer than your Monday" meaning your slip is showing.

Today, girls or women hardly wear petticoat and you hardly hear such remarks uttered again. In any case, girls these days have no qualms about showing more than just their petticoat or slip.

Yesterday I was at a supermarket, and there was this lady (Malay) who was very well endowed and she was queueing behind me at the cashier's counter.

And, without any shame or guilt, she was happily displaying her mid-valley or front valley (front cleavage or lurah dendam) in an extremely low cut blouse. And as she bent to retrieve something from the trolley, both her well endowed properties were let loose. Oh my!!!

Back Valley or Back Cleavage?
And today, I was at a bank, and there was this middle-aged lady who was seated in front of me. And she was wearing a hipster jeans. Needless to say, when she sat down, her back-valley was screaming for everyone to ogle at.

At the rate girls and women are exposing their mid and back valleys, the new remark will be: "Is your shop open 24 hours?"

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