Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cry of My Heart for Mak

23 August 2009
(In loving Memory of Mak)

Mak, Alhamdulillah.We know that you were on loan to us for that period of time you were with us, your 8 kids. 
Mak, we were grateful to God for lending you to us.
Nevertheless, when you left us, it caused a void in our lives.
It was difficult for us at first to accept the reality that you are no longer with us.
And that God had taken back what belongs to him.
 .. M A K ..18 April 1929 to 23 August 2000
(the day Mak breathed her last breath)
Mak, as I sat watching by your hospital bed,
A million thought ran through my head.
Of just how much were you aware?
Did you know that we (your 8 kiddos) were there?
Could you feel the love we sent,
In whispered word, Or prayer bent?
As we asked God,
To spare your life for our selfish cause?
So that we could tell you just once more,
"We love you Mak! " as we had before.
And we could chat like days of old,
Over coffee cups and fried bananas.
And laugh and joke, or just to share some small hurt and perhaps a tear.
To talk of the past, or things yet to do.
To sniffle, and sneeze, and say "Bless You! "
All these dreams now hang in shreds,
As my 3 brothers, 3 sisters and I sit here with bowed down head.
And ponder on these sad thoughts.
Just to wonder, "Was it all for naught? "
Innalillahi Wa Inna Illahi Raaji'uun.
 Mak, we will always love you.
We will forever cherish our memories with you
And we are grateful to Allah
for giving us the opportunity to love you.
May Allah bless your soul.


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