Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramadan Al-Mubarak - My Home-cooked Daily Menu

I've always had a deep passion for cooking, but due to heavy work commitments from 1982 to July 2009, I couldn't spare the time to indulge in this labour of love.

During these period, I only get to cook during weekends or on public holidays. Now that I'm retired, I've started to don the apron again and boy, am I creating a storm and frenzy in the kitchen.

I relish whipping up new recipes for my dear hubby and kiddos who, I strongly believe, harbour a sinking feeling that this is one Ramadan where there's little chance for them to lose weight....

22 August 2009

Eat Laugh and Enjoy the Earth, And feed your Love for all it's Worth.

1/ Popiah@Kinsella
2/ Pul Beans and French Loaves Garlic Bread@Kinsella
3/ Spicy Chilli Padi Macaroni Cheese@Kinsella

23 August 2009
I recalled a touching and moving remarks made my husband today that this year will be the best Ramadan ever for him and my kiddos given that they get to savour daily home cooked food by yours truly.

Food food absolutely appetising
Food food absolutely tantalising
The way it makes your stomach jump at its mention
The way it melts on your tongue when you go to taste it

1/ Kuah Pedas Ikan Pari Wrapped in a Foil @Kinsella
2/ Kerabu Kacang Botol@Kinsella
3/ Daging Masak Kicap@Kinsella
4/ Thai Fish Cake@Kinsella + Special Coriander.Kaffir Leaves. Chilli Sauce@Kinsella
5/ Stuffed Tofu

24 August 2009
Thick red blood veins bath in anger
The stomach grumbles in idiotic anger
A taste of food and out springs laughter
Triumphant moods commence again after

1/ Mamak Beef Stew@Kinsella
2/ Cheese Garlic Bread@Kinsella
3/ Potato Wedges@Kinsella
4/ Tortilla with Cheesy Minced Meet@Kinsella
5/ Bubur Cacar@Kinsella

25 August 2009
Food, food We love you so,
People say go on a diet, but what do they know.
Food, food you make us grow,
You are the one on that makes us glow.

1/ Nasi Putih Daun Pandan@Kinsella
2/ Ayam Padprik@Kinsella
3/ Tomyam@Kinsella
4/ Thai Fish Cake@Kinsella
5/ Sos Daun Ketumbar
6/ Potato Cheese Balls@Kinsella

26 August 2009
The raven searches for food to consume.
He flies high and low,
Yet none does he find.
He thinks this is not a very good sign.

1/ Organic Mee Hoon Soup@Kinsella
2/ Sambal Kicap@Kinsella
3/ Mee Goreng Mamak@Kinsella
4/ Cucur Udang Tahu@Kinsella

27 August 2009

Is it really so depraving
We like to eat a lot?
The thought of food We're craving
Just ties us in a knot

1/ Nasi Putih@Kinsella
2/ Ikan Cencaru Belah Belakang@Kinsella
3/ Kuah Lemak Kobis@Kinsella
4/ Ikan Bawal Goreng Asam Ayah@Kinsella
5/ Air Asam Sambal Belacan@Kinsella
6/ Sambal Tumis Telur Rebus

28 August 2009
In the country
The Land will produce the food
You take just what you need
In the city

1/ Nasi Tomato Mak@Kinsella
2/ Ayam Masak Korma@Kinsella
3/ Acar Buah@Kinsella
4/ Acar Timun@Kinsella
5/ Sambal Tomato@Kinsella
6/ Fried Beef ala Mummy@Kinsella
7/ Creamy Caramel@Kinsella
8/ Potato Cheese Pancake

29 August 2009
An ache perforates veins deep
Blood cold as moods of night
tears fall on food I eat
tears fall on food withered

1/ Laksa Lemak Johor@Kinsella
2/ Laksa Garnishing@Kinsella
3/ Pancake@Kinsella
4/ Mee Goreng Mamak

30 August 2009
'I'm so hungry, mommy! '
But there is no food
Will this little kid die?
Just because of hunger?

1/ Nasi lemak kukus@Kinsella
2/ Sambal Tumis Udang@Kinsella
3/ Rendang Daging Istana@Kinsella
4/ Telor Rebus
5/ Timun

31 August 2009
Tis not the quantity but eating speed;
'Tis not the quality but balanced food;
'Tis not the satiety but primal need;
‘Tis not the food that matters but our mood.

1/ Spicy Fried Macaroni@Kinsella
2/ Cheese Tortilla with Chicken Slices@Kinsella
3/ Corn Custard Pudding with Fruits Cocktail@Kinsella

Our mother earth gives
For one good grain sown
Hundreds of fresh grains
For our food in return.

1/ Spicy Spaghetti Bolognse@Kinsella
2/ Mushroom Soup with Oats@Kinsella
3/ Potato Salad@Kinsella

It was a buffet to remember
With a lovely Hawaiian theme
Food so fresh and flavorful
It was truly a food critic’s dream

I wanna tell you about a place
That’s very special to me
It’s called The Spicy Pickle
They serve food so deliciously

In his mansion, millionaire celebrates marriage bash
Without derision hungry beggar scans for food in garbage trash
One not able to digest the over eaten rich food, omits
One not able to taste such food, his wants and dreams remits

Foil is like a herb of metallic strength,
It cries like a butter of oil with food,
As tears of the cry, as tears of the cry.

No food on the table
A little childcries

Her mother sits begging
With tears in her eyes

We had a night I’d like to tell about
Consisting of an extraordinary meal
The food was simply delicious
With a down-home country feel

If you’re over the world and looking down on the sea
All you see in the earth is people in poverty
If you want to you could have the world to explore
But go half way round the world there’s kids on the floor

Because I love food,
i eat it everyday.
I make sure none goes to waste,
because that would be a disgrace.

Pizza, pasta,
Burgers and fries.
Sweet, sweet sights
to a hungry man's eyes.

Food is very tasty,
I eat it every day.
It comes in many ways, many sizes, and many shapes.
From squares to circles, from triangles to rectangles.

Thank you
For the

Being healthy
Eating healthy
Eat more veggies, fruits, and salads
Stop eating junk food

Why food -
Is it at all necessary?
Why must we go
Every other day to the marts

I am greatful for what I have
I have food, water
A roof over my head
Unlike others.....

He sits outside his shanty
Dark skinned in tattered clothes
Hair dishevelled eyes soaked in tears
Hunger making him cry

As i wake up
I say a prayer
because someone didnt see a brand new day
As i eat my breakfast i thank god again

Drink your food and eat your drink!
Throw unused dishes in the sink!
Splash water on the kitchen floor!
Drop mucky spoons into their drawers!

Food can taste good.
As long as you cook it right.
And that's what me Mah did.
We had spaghetti and meat balls last night.

I hold in my hand my last source of food
I squeeze it in my mouth
the sweetness envelopes my taste buds

growing increasing the ever small size of my belly

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