Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Merdeka Day

31 August 2009

Since the fasting month, today is the first day in Ramadan that my husband did not break fast with the family, as today, he had to attend an official buka puasa do at Putrajaya.

And today is a day when I feel a dark cloud hovering over my head (I just couldn't shake the feeling). Could it be because my husband isn't around to break fast with me, or could it because of some other reasons?

Today is also the day my little girl goes back to UTM after spending 3 glorious days with us. Perhaps, that adds to my despondent feeling.

The last 3 days had been great as we took her and my 3 boys shopping for Hari Raya at Subang Parade and the shopping complexes around Shah Alam.

And both Ina and I spent precious time in the kitchen cooking up a frenzy. I whipped up my kids' favourite food for buka puasa. On the 2nd day (29 August) Ina arrived, both Ina and I cooked my kids' all-time favourite dish, i.e Nasi Tomato Daging, Kurma Ayam, Acar Nenas, Sambal Tomato, Salad and Cucumber.

And yesterday (30 August) , despite being very tired, after shopping with Ina and my husband at Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India, I was adamant in cooking for buka puasa. I prepared Creamy Fetucinni, Minced Beef Tortilla, Popiah Otak-Otak, and Mee Goreng Mamak.

Today, the house seems quiet during buka as my husband and Ina aren't around to join us. Missing too from the table is my second son, Khairil who buka puasa with friends.

Today is also the day when I reflected on my time with my ESOL students at Olympia College. Suddenly, I had this longing to see and talk to them. In particular, I miss my ex-Advanced ESOL students like Gothama, Chanda, Jina, Sudhee, Khema, Alu, Siti, Catherine, Sharon, Rami, Christina, Hamed and also all my ex-Intermediate students. Hey kiddos, I do miss all of you terribly.

And after buka puasa, I'm still feeling despondent with a splitting headache. I wish this feeling of despondency will go away........

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