Friday, July 30, 2010

I walked in the clouds

30 July 2010, Friday

Today, I walked in the clouds. I could feel my feet touching the soft white clouds. I could breathe in the sweet-smelling clouds. I was enveloped in the density of the clouds.

Clouds here, clouds there, clouds everywhere. For some strange reasons, I'm not only fascinated by the sun, both the beauty of sun set and sun rise, but also by clouds formation.

I love to watch the clouds forming in the sky. And when I travel long distance, I'm usually armed with both my Canon compact digital camera and my semi SLR Canon to capture these breathtaking images. And during my recent trip to Perak (north of Malaysia), it was no different. I managed to capture some fascinating images of the clear blue sky as well as several beautiful clouds formation.

Somehow (perhaps due to the different landscape, as well as the absence of many tall buildings, plus lack of pollution), the sky up north seems bluer and clearer compared to the sky in KL. And the sky seems appears as though it's beckoning you to be near it.

Don't you ever wish that you can climb up a ladder to reach the clouds and the stunning blue sky?


  1. Blue skies, everything nice..sejuk je mata memandang..

  2. Yang paling best, langit di Perak kelihatan sangat biru, sangat clear and amat cantik. And langit nampak seolah2 lebih dekat.

    My next posting will be on sun set....dah beratus-ratus gambar on sun set diambil tapi belum ada masa nak memilih yang best2... one of the best I've taken ialah di Myanmar (last year) and di Spore (last month).