Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to spring clean my bedroom!!!

14 July 2010, Wednesday

The last couple of days I've been doing spring cleaning of my bedroom. My husband has been complaining incessantly that my stuff occupies 90% of the room! Is it really? Perhaps he was right. Then again, he could be exaggerating.

So, yesterday, as my class was canceled, I took the opportunity to clean up the mess. I've been mulling over which stuff  I deemed "throwable' and those which no longer deserve a place in my bedroom.

Funny, when it's time for spring cleaning, there would be bound to be things that you would want to throw away without hesitation (even though you had decided to keep that during the last spring cleaning); and things that you think, ponder, muse, mull over, and contemplate numerous times before you come to a conclusion on what to be thrown away; and there would also be things where, try as you might, you just cannot bear to part with them. I guess that's human nature. It's interesting to discover the things you and your family members keep.

The last spring cleaning I did was after my house was renovated. That was the longest renovation I had to endure, starting from January right up to May 2010, a full five months. And at that time, I was really brutal in discarding all the things that no longer jive with my newly renovated house.

I had donated most of my pots and pans, crockeries, cutleries, and many other knicks and knacks to a children's home in Rawang. And a few other stuff were donated to my sister in Putrajaya. I had even given away many potted plants to the guys who came to redo my garden. Those yonder days when my garden was filled to the brim with plants and plants and plants are a thing of the past.

Today, I fully embrace a minimalist concept in my house decor. The garden today looked completely different with just a couple of potted plants lining the fence separating my neighbour's house. And under the pergola, I only have a fish pond, a garden table and four chairs, a lattice and "tiang seri" adorning the pergola area, with two potted water plants in the pond and just one plant next to the lattice. I used to have numerous potted plants under the pergola!!

And with that in mind, I'm all set to do the same with my bedroom....Alas, I realised, it was much easier to throw away things in the kitchen, things in the living room, in the dining room, in the garden, and in my backyard. It's also easier to throw away things in my store, what I had called "The small room under the staircase".

But things in my bedroom? I will continue to mull, ponder, muse, think, contemplate before I throw them away. Meanwhile, I've managed to clean 20% of the mess only. And for sure, my husband will continue to nag, pester, hassle and hound me until I dispose of most of the junks which are dear to my heart....