Monday, August 2, 2010

My Kitchen Activities, August 1

2 August 2010, Monday

Now that I've completed my teaching stint at one of the leading Japanese restaurants in KL, I'm all gung-ho again to display my culinary skills in my spanking-new kitchen.

Hence, yesterday, 1 August 2010, I decided to cook Nasi Lemak Kukus (yummy, a recipe I learnt from my sister). I also prepared my signature Rendang Daging Daun Kunyit 'ala Kinsella to go with it.

And to top it all, I also cooked Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis and Sambal Tumis Sotong.

And for dessert, I prepared "Going Bananas" dish, a steamed banana dish with steamed grated coconut and topped with oozing juicy Gula Melaka (palm sugar). How yummy and delectable!!!

Apparently, at one of the fancy and up-market restaurants at KLCC, a similar dessert (called Pisang Bali) will burn a hole in your pocket as it will render you poorer by RM15 for a mere 2 slices of banana!! I'll go bananas if I have to pay this kind of money!!!

Come to think of it, it pays to know how to cook. Looks like my kitchen will be a hive of activity especially since the fasting month is just round the corner.


  1. Beli pisang & rebus sendiri or rather pi makan kat kedai kak long. Murah giler le.

  2. Alahai, tak yah...buat sendiri kat rumah, lagi sedap, lagi power, and dpt panas2. I prefer to steam...