Saturday, September 18, 2010

A housewife's job is never done!!!

18 September 2010, 9 Syawal

Before I realised it, it's already the 9th day of Syawal. Time sure flies. Despite being a housewife, I find that I do not have enough time to do all the things that I need to do in a day. I learnt that for me, 24 hours is not sufficient. I wish I have more time on my hand.

Now that I'm maidless, there's just so many things to be done. A typical day without a maid in the month of Ramadhan (fasting) begins with me getting up for sahur at 4.45 a.m to prepare meal for my family. We normally would go easy and take light food for sahur which normally would be cornflakes with milk, tuna or scrambled egg sandwich or left-over rice and dishes from iftar (breaking of fast).

And once I've performed my subuh obligations, it'll be non-stop work. There's the laundry to be done, cleaning of my bedroom and the boys' room and family hall, cleaning of the living room and dining room, and kitchen.

Once all these chores are completed, there's the ironing (one of the jobs I abhorred most, aside from peeling of the onions) and also cleaning of the garden compound area.

And what I enjoy most indulging in my garden is feeding and "talking" to my fish. In my garden compound, I have two ponds, the bigger pond house my "Koi" fish and the narrow but long pond I rear "Gapi" fish. The latter are the fish that I love most as they are very affectionate and loving.

Every morning when I go near the pond, the Gapis will quickly surface from the bottom of the pond and surround the edge of the pond with their mouth open to be fed. They remind me of hungry babies. These Gapis are really a sight to behold. They are so affectionate, unlike the Kois which are indifferent creatures.

And, boy!!! Do the Gapis multiply swiftly!!! I only bought several and today they have multiplied several folds. Twice a day, I would happily feed my little babies in both ponds.

Once all these chores are done, I'm spent!!! My spine and back would be aching awfully. I would gently lower my back and rest my failing spine until it's time for me to cook for iftar. Before cooking, I would bring in the dry clothes, fold them and separate those that need to be ironed and those that need to be distributed amongst my household members..

Cooking has always been my passion, but the preparations and the cleaning up!!! Oh boy!!! I just hate them.

And once iftar is over, it's cleaning up time. And I'm one housewife who would not be satisfied until everything in the kitchen are spotlessly clean before I retire for the day.

I used to wonder what I'd do with my time when I become a housewife, now I realised, I do not have enough time. I wish there's more than 24 hours in a day.

When I was working and when I had the luxury of a maid, I used to read one or two books a week, now I hardly have time for that. And I used to have time to indulge in my hobby, i.e arts and crafts, which includes glass painting. And I used to have plenty of time for TV. I would try to watch the movies or documentary programmes on National Geographic, but these days, I do not have time for all these.

And everyday I long to continue penning down my thoughts for my book project, my journey to my ancestral past. I've started with a couple of pages, but since then, I've not made inroads. Time is certainly not on my side.

Now that I am a housewife, I believe in the old adage that a Housewife's Job is Never Done!!!

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