Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Quiet Day On the Home Front

2 September 2009

Today is another quiet day at the dining table in my house as my husband had to attend a buka puasa do at UPM mosque.  Khairil (my second son) skips buka puasa at home for the 3rd consecutive day as he's busy at work. So it was just me, Khairul (my eldest son) and Khairi (my youngest son) to savour my home-cooked dishes.

This would be the year I would break a record in whipping up daily home-cooked buka puasa dishes for my family. Since I settled down the last 26 years, I seldom get a chance to cook, particularly during the fasting month as I have always been busy with work.  Now that I'm retired, here I am, all gung-ho to sharpen my culinary skills to the hilt.  And I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Earlier this morning, I went for my 2nd physiotherapy at HUKM for my multiple slipped disc at the neck area (due to a car accident in 2004) and lumbar injury (due to a fall I had two years ago). For some strange reason, the physiotherapy did not really ease the spasm and I'm sill in pain. I hope the pain will go away and allow me a proper night sleep.  The spasm had caused me to have sleepless nights the last couple of days.

I pray to Allah for the pain to go away....

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