Monday, November 9, 2009

The Heavenly Boiled Tapioca: Care To Try?

9 November 2009, Monday (21 Zulkaedah)

Do you know how tasty boiled tapioca is? The taste is simply heavenly, especially if you eat it with steamed grated coconut.

In KL, it is rather hard to find stalls selling this delicacy. And two places that I know of that offer this for breakfast are Gerai Kak Long at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, and Mayang Sari resataurant in Gombak.
For those who have never tried this delectable delicacy, you certainly do not know what you are missing in life.
Imagine, tapioca used to be food for the desolate and the poor, and was a staple diet during the Japanese Occupation (my late mum used to relate how she and her siblings would eat tapioca during the World War as food was scarce at that time).

And today, a small plate of boiled potato with grated coconut would cost you nothing less than RM4-5 a small plate!!!Time sure has changed.
I urge you to try to know what "heavenly" means.


  1. Brapa agaknye Kak Long byr royalti to promote her stall. Cik Wan nx time if u "teringin" to eat tapioca, u don't have to travel as far as Gombak/BTHO. Spotte last Sunday lepas brisk walking at Bdr Sri Permaisuri. Actually is at your backyard lah - at foodcourt blakang BP Bdr Tun Razak opposite the shophouses. All the Authentic food avalaible ok. U name it u got it. Perghh...

  2. Kah.kah.kah.kah. Tulah yg dinamakan gajah di depan mata tak nmpk, but kuman di seberang lautan nmpk terang2........... In any case, amir ngan i bukan kaki adventurous n rajin merambu sana sini...