Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1: An Unchartered Territory - My Sojourn To Myanmar: Day 1 Story 1

11 November 2009, Wednesday (24 Zulkaedah)

Day 1 Story 1, Yangon, Myanmar

Thank Goodness, I had arrived safely in Myanmar, without much fanfare or drama, unlike my aborted trip earlier.

28 Days in Myanmar!!
In the plane, both May (my Myanmarese student's cousin) and I were seated at the same row as a British guy by the name of Jeremy, who was going to Myanmar for 28 days as a back-packer!!! Can you imagine that?

May and Jeremy (a British)

When I told my friends back in Malaysia that I was going to be in Myanmar for 8 days, most of their jaws dropped!!! 28 days, they would probably drop dead!!!

"Pasar Borong" Airport
In any case, upon arrival, I was shocked by the sheer number of people at the airport. It was more like a 'pasar borong' (wholesale market) to me. There was chaos everywhere. I was told later that the sea of people was due to a haj flight leaving Myanmar. No wonder!!! For a moment, I thought that the throngs of people are a normal sight at the airport.

My Luggage!!!
As May was picked up by her family, I was frantically searching for Sharon (my ex student) and was deliriously happy to see her as I was feeling kind of disoriented with the horde of people, some were pleading to help carry my luggage. Of course, for a fee!!!

Sharon's Youthful Looking Mum
Sharon introduced me to her mum, who looks not a day older than her. Despite being in her mid 30's, she looks very youthful. And I was also introduced to May War, Sharon's friend, and Tun Tun (May War's cousin). OMG, it was like an entourage had come to welcome me at the airport.

Left to Right: Sharon, May War and Moh Moh Lwin (Sharon's mum)

And the driver, Win (whom Sharon's mum had hired to take me around for the duration of my stay in Myanmar) drove us straight to Panorama Hotel. I was kind of surprised as I was told earlier that I was going to put up at Eastern Hotel.

Win, on the right

May War explained that they had specifically chosen this hotel as the food served is halal. I was feeling excited at the prospect of taking breakfast at the coffee house, instead of in my room, which would be a choice of either maggi noodles, or tortilla bread with serunding or tuna.

Panorama Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

After a little discussion, we decided that it was best for us to hit the trail right away, as most shopping complexes close at 4:00 p.m in Myanmar. And as I wasn't really feeling hungry as I had eaten a mini nasi lemak for brunch on the plane, I decided to skip lunch.  

Continued... in Story 2.


  1. Wah..seronok lah layanan VIP nampak. U bkn ikut Amir ke?

  2. And memang layanan VVVVIP.... sampai rasa overwhelmed!!!