Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lucky Despite One or Two Bad Apples

3 November 2009, Tuesday (15 Zulkaedah)

Yesterday afternoon, as I was peeling the tons of onions, shallots and garlic (as my kids are crazy over fried shallots), I was thinking about the Indonesian maid that my agent promised to bring in by the end of this month.

I missed having a maid to do all the routine and mundane chores in my house. I do not mind doing most housework but peeling onions, pounding stuff in my mortar, and ironing, are certainly not my cup of tea, chores which I'm not passionate about at all.

I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of my maid to lighten my burden as I'm still nursing a spinal problem.

Just as I dream about the maid's arrival, I received a phone call from my agent who told me a piece of bad news. He said that because of the recent brouhaha about Indonesian maid (the murder and abuse cases), Indonesian government has put a stop (temporary or otherwise) to the inflow of new maids. Gosh, there goes my dream. I was fuming and was thinking why the majority of employers are penalised because of one or two bad apples!!! Urggghhh!!!
Immediately, my husband asked me to contact the company providing weekend help as he reckons I would need help now that no maid is forthcoming.

As luck would have it, later in the afternoon, I received an sms from my sister asking if I still needed a maid, and gave me the contact detail of an agent who could supply Indonesian maid. Hmmm... I was surprised, what with the recent spat between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Without a moment to lose, I called this lady, by the name of Ustazah Jeliah and she confirmed that she has two maids waiting to be employed. Both are on social visit pass, and I could try one out. And if I find her suitable and competent, she would look into processing her work permit.

So, later that night, we drove all the way to Taman Kosas to meet the agent and brought our new maid home. Her name is Sulis Stiyani, 38 years old.  Looks decent, but through my experience, looks are belying, and I've learnt not to judge a book by its cover, like decent face, monstrous character; monstrous face, timid character, or the likes of it.

I pray to Allah that she would turn out okay. I fervently hope that she would treat my father in law well, and not abuse him, like my previous schizo maid. Also, I'm tired of training new maids. I have to start all over again once I hire a new maid, and let me tell you, it's no mean feat training them. I hope she'll stay long with us and alleviate my burden.

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