Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ina and I Declared War on These Creepy Crawlies!!!

3 November 2009, Tuesday (15 Zulkaedah)

While I was preparing breakfast for my family today, I felt something brushing my feet, and as I was AVERSE to creepy crawlies, especially cockroaches, I shook off my foot, and true enough, I saw a roach flung a short distance near my feet. I felt revolted and sick to my stomach and quickly looked for my insecticide, but couldn't find it in the kitchen, despite having bought 2 canisters recently.  I rushed to my bedroom, and believe it or not, couldn't locate them either.

When I entered the kitchen again, I was looking high and low for that miserable, nauseating, horrendous and revolting lone ranger, but it probably was hiding from me, lurking somewhere. I was tensed and on my guard, when suddenly, through the corner of my eye, I saw something crawling near my feet, and this time, no way was this wretched beast going to get the better of me! I quickly stomped my slippered foot and snuffed the life of this good-for-nothing monster!!!
I do not know about you, but I will go berserk if a roach crawls up my legs. Once, when my eldest son was about a year old, and I was carrying him at that time, I felt something creeping up my leg, and I knew for certain it was that stomach-churning beast.  I was hysterical to say the least, and was screaming my head off, like a stark crazy woman. I almost dropped my baby at that time. Of course, after shaking off my legs repeatedly, the fiend scurried away!!!

Anyway, coming back to this war that my daughter, Ina and I had declared on this brute. Right after breakfast, I saw that there were two messages on my mobile.

Upon checking, I realised that there were 2 messages from Ina and they read, "Ma, Ina wants to declare war on roaches starting today. Urggghhh..They love entering my room, especially when I'm studying.  Urgggghhhh!!!"

And the second message read, "Because of the roaches, I dropped my laptop and the cooling pad wire snapped! The roaches drive me crazy and I'm having tension early in the morning!!!

That made the two of us. Like my daughter, I too have declared an all-out WAR against these hideous and stomach churning skunks!!!

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