Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 4

28 January 2010 (Thursday)

Day 4

If I had thought that the MESS would ease up on Day 4, Boy! Was I wrong!!. The mess got messier now that the contractors had dismantled my cabinets to enable the walls and floors to be retiled.

It's really funny that when we first started on the idea of redoing the kitchen, it was because of 2 utmost reasons: 1/ to enlarge the kitchen somewhat as my current kitchen is narrow and small. 2/ to leave no room for any RODENTS to infiltrate my kitchen ever again as the previous layout and design had given them a field day making my kitchen (in particular the backyard area) their home.

And the initial plan was just to break down the wall separating my dry kitchen with the backyard (I was thankful for this wall) as we had managed to stave away the pesky rodents from infiltrating our dry kitchen as well. And there wasn't any plans at all to redo the wall tiles nor the floor tiles. We were just planning to tile the backyard with similar tiles like the ones in the dry kitchen area. And just tile the walls with white tiles so as not to worry about painting them again in time to come.

But after discussing with Jali, we soon realised that it was virtually impossible to get similar designs for both the floor and wall tiles as those designs are easily more than 20 years old and have long been outdated.

So my husband and I deliberated and decided to change the entire tiles in the dry kitchen to match with the ones in the wet area. And because of this turn of event, the contractors had to dismantle the cabinet to lay the tiles on the wall.

And I reached a crossroad in my kitchen makeover decision. Should I, or should I not retain my top kitchen cabinet which had served me well all these years. Afterall, it's still in fairly good condition. However, it'll not jive at all with my new kitchen concept.  The 'seasoned' and weary look will stick out like a sore thumb and would look out of place. I likened it to having a 90's top with a 'vogue' bottom.

After some deliberation again with my husband, we decided to redo the top cabinet as well to ensure the look and feel is strreamlined with our new kitchen concept. And that's another new thing we added to our kitchen makeover that wasn't in our original plan (the first being the tiles in the dry kitchen).

The workers had left for the day and as I went down to survey the progress, BOY!!! The whole house is really a HUGE MESS. If the last couple of days, it looked like the earthquake had hit us, today, it looked as though the tsunami and earthquake had rolled into one and had hit our entire house. Gosh!!! I wish I could just run away from my messy house and hide somewhere....

Pics from Day 4

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