Friday, January 1, 2010

today, I'm deliriously happy

1 january 2010, saturday

happy as a LARK
busy as a BEAVER
bright as a BUTTON
hungry as a BEAR
bold as a BRASS
brave as a LION
calm as a MILLPOND
clear as a BELL
clean as a WHISTLE
cool as a CUCUMBER
different as CHALK from CHEESE
fresh as a DAISY
quick as LIGHTNING
sturdy as an OAK
snug as a BUG in a RUG
solid as a ROCK
strong as an OX
clean as a NEW PIN
right as RAIN
fit as a FIDDLE
keen as MUSTARD
fragrant as HEATHER
chirpy as a CRICKET
bubbly as BATH WATER
shiny as NEW MONEY
good as GOLD
free as the SEA
time rushes by like a COMMUTER late for work
drifting like CLOUDS
like a memory rustling through the LEAVES
i'm deliriously HAPPY- i'm just STUMPED for WORDS!!!

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