Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 6

30 January 2010 (Saturday)
Day 6

Time flies and today is already Day 6 in my kitchen make-over. As my husband is only free during the weekend, we had to leave the workers this morning to go out and buy lightings and fan for the kitchen.

Today, they completed cementing the wet area, whilst the electrician came to do the wiring for all the electrical points.

Looks like they've not made much inroad on the dry area yet as they wanted to complete the wet area first. And tomorrow, Sunday, the workers take a much-needed break.

And it's gonna be a break too not only for me and my family, but the neighbours too from all the din and the noise. Too bad they would still  have to put up with all the racket for at least another week.

Pics from Day 6

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