Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 5

29 January 2010 (Friday)
Day 5

Today it's Day 5, and I hope work on my kitchen make-over will pick up pace quickly. Now that the cabinets had been dismantled, I presumed they would start tiling the walls and the floor. And true enough, once the workers came, they started drilling the old wall and floor tiles to make way for the new ones.

And boy! the drilling sound just drove me up the wall, not the kitchen wall, though!!! Ohhh my... I could just go bonkers. And who says, being "Site Supervisor" is easy!!! You'd have to put up with not only the dust that's flying around the house, but the noise too.

And as hunger crept in my poor tummy, I boiled water in my bedroom to make a cup of "sumptous" and Extra delicious Laksa Singapura. Hahhh....that's another plus point of being a Site Supervisor. I get to enjoy a cup of Laksa Singapura right from the comfort of my bedroom while working.....

Later in the evening when I went down to check on the make-over progress, I realised that they hadn't started hacking and drilling the walls and floor in the dry kitchen area. All the din and noise actually came from the wet area. Oh boy!!! And I thought the racket from the kitchen was over. How wrong I was!!!

Pics from Day 5

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