Monday, October 25, 2010

Exotic fruits...............

Different people have different tastes and likings for fruits. What's delicious or appealing to you may not be that appealing or palatable to me, or vice-versa. What's my definition of exotic fruits?

Top of my list is the King of Fruits - Durians.

Oh...durians are simply heavenly. The skin may be thorny but the taste..oh's a different story altogether.

And a close second is Rambutans,

followed by Mangosteens.

As far as I'm concerned, my idea of exotic fruits strictly revolves around tropical, fruits which can be easily and abundantly found in Malaysia, almost throughout the year.

Apart from these three fruits, I'm also passionate about the following luscious and mouth-watering fruits:


Duku langsat


Longan or Mata Kuching

Jack fruit





Jambu Air




Dragonfruit or Nuah Naga (Pitaya)

Banana (especially Pisang Rastali)

Pisang kaki

Passionfruits or Buah Susu

When I was growing up, in the early days when I was still residing in Singapore, we used to eat plenty of oranges and apples. Alas, I find these two fruits the most unappealing. They used to be dirt cheap in Singapore. Those days, in the 70's, for S$1, you can get 15-20 apples or oranges!!! Today, an apple can cost you RM1. Those were the days.

Exotic fruits...hmmmmm...the above fruits fit to a T and match my billing of what is meant by Exotic Fruits!!!

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