Monday, October 4, 2010

What a frenzied weekend!!!

4 October 2010 (24 Syawal), Monday

Oh boy!! What an eventful and frenzied weekend it had been!!! Both, my other half. and I had an extremely hectic weekend (not that other weekends are less busy)...but last weekend was really frantic.

Saturday morning saw us driving to Subang Jaya to fetch my weekend maid. I'm extremely thankful to my sister Sofiah for agreeing to second her maid to me every Saturday. I've been without a maid since August, so all the help that I could get is very much welcomed.

After sending her back to my house and leaving instructions on what she needed to do, both my husband I rushed to Mardi to attend a Hari Raya gathering for former students of Kolej Pertanian. Not that we were  former students. My husband had seen their invite on Facebook and had taken the liberty to invite himself as he wanted to meet some of the important faces at the gathering at Mardi to discuss some important office matters relating to Kolej Pertanian. Next year, his office (UPM) is planning to hold an exhibition and he wanted help from them.

We only managed to sample a little of the food before rushing home as we had an appointment with ASTRO to fix our faulty ASTRO reception. And right after that we sped off to Putrajaya to attend my husband's colleague's wedding invite.

After sitting down and helping ourselves to some yummy food, we left to go to Bangi to attend to another wedding. By then, my stomach had felt so bloated, not so much due to over eating, but drinking. It had been an extremely hot day and all I wanted was to quench my thirst and drink as much water as possible.

By the time we reached home, it was close to 4.00 p.m. We finally managed to laze around briefly before we had to leave for Subang to send my part time maid home.

After dropping her off at Subang, we headed to Amcorp Mall to pick up our Nikon camera which had been sent for service. And next we stopped at Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya as I wanted to buy a couple of stuff there.

Despite being a non-stop eating day, my stomach was growling by the time we left PJ, hence we stopped at Q-Bistro at Taman Permaisuri (one of our favourite eating haunts) and ordered a plate of Mamak Mee which I shared with my husband. Each time we order the Mamak Mee, without fail, I would comment to my husband how delicious it is, and would proclaim the Mee as "The Best Mamak Mee in Town!"

And if I thought Sunday was gonna be any different, I was in for a disappointment. Even though, we had a short reprieve in the morning after breakfast, and managed to laze around briefly, we had to leave for Equatorial Hotel Kampachi Restaurant just before 12 pm. My student, How Yoke Seng had wanted to buy me Kampachi's Japanese buffet lunch.

Oh my!!! By the time we reached the restaurant, the place was a hive of activity and was full to the brim. Nevertheless the buffet spread was really fantastic. My husband, eldest son and I had a jolly good time tucking in the delectable Japanese food.

By the time we left, it was close to 3:00 p.m. and we had felt as though the  Salmons, the Dorys, the Cods, the Prawns, and the Crabs were swimming frantically and trying to find their way out in a sea of Japanese green tea. And, not to be outdone, red guava, banana and vanilla ice-cream juice concoction were fighting for attention with Japanese green tea ice-cream and sesame red bean and mini pancakes. I promised after Kampachi, not to indulge in so much seafood and dessert!!!

After leaving Hotel Equatorial, we drove to Kuang to visit my father-in-law who has not been well lately. We spent about an hour with him before going off to Jaya Jusco in Maluri.

By the time I finished my weekend marketing it was close to 7 p.m. I was really spent as it had been a tiring 2 full-days of activity. I was in no mood to cook for the kids, so all the boys had to prepare their own dinner. My husband and I - we survived on tuna croissant for dinner.

I'm looking forward to next weekend where I'll be free of outside activities as my husband will have to attend UPM's convocation over Saturday and Sunday. As for me, I look forward to a reprieve and 2 days of rest and hopefully bliss and peace and some quiet.


  1. tul...alright lah Sofia pinjamkan maid dia. Actually umah u tu bkn sapa nak buat sepah pun 'spick and span'.

    Well, makan berganda...syawal ni mmg byk open house and wedding, kenyang dek makanlah.

  2. So happy to see you back on the social networking front. Itu bermakna you're getting better or dah completely recovered.

    Zam, if I have 4 girls like you, memanglah boleh spick and span, but if you have 4 BOYS, aduhai....lain jadinya...