Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Retirement Means To Me: Alpahbetically

This was what I wrote on 4 September 2009 after my retirement. I'd love to review this once I can spare some time.

Absolved of Office Responsibilities

Beating the traffic jam

Calming effect on my brain and body

Done with mundane routines

Elevated status - FTH (Full time housewife) as opposed to FTE (Full time employee)

Free from the shackles of impossible bosses and employers

Growing richer emotionally and spiritually

Husband appreciates me more

Irresistably happy

Jumping for joy

Kaleidoscopic view of life

Langushing happily at home

Motherly touch for my four precious kids

No more stress, no more depression

Outrageously upbeat about life

Pampering my family to the hilt

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

Reeling in comfort and security

Simply fantastic

Thank you Allah for granting my wishes to retire before I turn 50

Utterly blissful new life

Valuable treasures to cherish and love at home

Would I want it any differently?  Absolutely Not!

Xtra attention now showered on the family and more time for myself

Yesterday was history - the future will shine brightly

Zealousness is the order of the day, in fact, that's my daily mantra

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