Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beijing - Day 1 (A.M.) : I know what I did the last 6 days

Day 1: 29 May 2011 (KL - Hongkong - Beijing)

6:15 a.m. - Left for KLIA after Subuh prayer. Slated to meet the tour agent at 7:00 a.m, but they only showed up at 7:45 a.m.

Hunger pangs crept in, but there wasn't sufficient time to eat as we had to board the train which would take us to the International terminal at Departure Gate C32 for our transit flight to Hongkong.

9:50 a.m. - Our flight was slightly delayed and only took off at 9:50 a.m. As we had to skip breakfast, my stomach was churning and turning topsy turvy. We were only served drinks initially and had to wait a miserable 2 hours before breakfast was served.

By the time it came to my turn, I was ravenously hungry which later turned into anger as food choices were between Chicken Sausage and Fish and Egg Omelette. When they approached my seat, and to my utter disappointment, I was told that they had already ran out of Fish. As I'm averse to chicken, I had no choice but to settle for only bread, butter and yoghurt. So much for 5-star airline. That happened to be the tagline which the tour agency propagated for the airline I flew, i.e. Cathay Pacific. And if this wasn't bad enough, I was in for more nasty experiences as the day progressed!!!

Despite having so many crew members, they were in disarray. They were walking here and there without actually knowing what they were supposed to do. The miserable and so-called 5-star meal came without drinks. I had to  page several times before drinks were served. Plates took a long time to be cleared. And to make matters worse, I coudn't sleep as CP's seats were not comfortable at all. My spine was screaming in agony.

It was somewhat a different scenario with my daughter. The minute she boarded the plane, she fell asleep almost immediately and only woke up when food was served. I wish I can fall asleep that easily. Sleep usually eludes me, regardless of whether I'm in a plane, car, bus, train or even in my comfortable bed at home. Sleep has always been a nightmare for me....


  1. Naik Budget Flight pun tak hampeh camni kan..I blh visualise how's ur reaction towards crew members tu..confirm CP blacklisted by Cik Wan lepas nih..

  2. If truth be told, takde feeling...Maybe too tired, as the flight was rather long. 3.5 hours to HK and another 3 hrs to Beijing.

    Tapi nasib baik, coz masa balik, the CP crew were excellent and there were no airport security staff who were psychotic and suffering from PMS... So that made up for the shortfall.