Monday, March 29, 2010

Sorrow here sorrow there sorrow everywhere

29 March 2010, Monday

sorrow here sorrow there
sorrow in my heart
sorrow in my soul
sorrow in my mind
sorrow in my skin
sorrow in my bones 
sorrow coming from you
till my heart bleeds red
sorrow you caused till the skin and bones rip
sorrow you caused till I break into tears 

sorrow from then till now
sorrow in my head
sorrow in my heart
sorrow in my mind
sorrow in my soul 

sorrow happening in my sleep
sorrow happening in my thoughts
sorrow happening when I'm alone
sorrow happening in my room
sorrow happening in my bed where I'm all alone
sorrow happening every hour every minute every second of my life 

sorrow caused by anger, fury and rage
sorrow caused by deep hurt
sorrow caused by desolation and gloom
sorrow caused by grief and despair
sorrow caused by anguish and bewilderment 

sorrow caused by you
sorrow caused by you and others
sorrow caused by those who professed to love me

sorrow is driving me insane
causing my head to spin till it fills up my veins
i go to sleep never to wake up and see the light 
the light that will end my pain for good!

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