Monday, March 1, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 36

1 March 2010, Monday
Day 36

Today I'm supposed to follow my husband to Malacca. Alas, because of the delay in the construction work in my kitchen, I have to shelve the idea as I need to be around to supervise the final outstanding work, i.e. painting of the ceiling, roof, washroom, and electrical fittings.

I fervently hope everything will go as planned. Tomorrow, the plumber is supposed to come in to redo our piping system. And if everything goes as planned, the carpenter would come in on Thursday to install our kitchen cabinets. And that would wrap up my kitchen makeover which has taken almost 40 days to complete.

And what's most important, I want to savour once again home-cooked food. And I'm sure my kids and hubby are looking forward to my cooking again.

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