Friday, March 26, 2010

My legs went on autopilot mode

26 March 2010, Friday

Speaking of autopilot mode which I just wrote and posted yesterday, a funny and hilarious thing happened to me yesterday.

I was scheduled to meet my husband at Sungai Besi LRT station so that he could meet me half-way, enroute to his office at UPM as I had wanted to see the beautiful wood panelling that was installed on his office walls.

He wanted to attend the KL Book Fair at PWTC, and naturally I wanted to tag along.

These days, I love walking, so as usual, I took my own sweet time walking to the LRT sttaion at Bandar Tun Razak from my house which normallly takes less than 10 minutes.

And as I walked, I was dreaming of all the books that I was going to lay my hands on, plus having to scout around for books which my daughter had asked us to buy. We both are voracious readers and without fail would indulge in books during such fairs.

Once I reached the station, I paid for the ticket to Sungai Besi station.

And soon after, I walked through the turnstile and my feet took me to my usual and familiar route, i.e the track that's leading to Sentul Timur. After alighting the staircase, then only I realised with amusement that I was on the wrong side of the track.

I was supposed to take the track heading towards Sri Petaling. And as I walked up the stairs again and moved towards the stairs to the other side, I was laughing and chiding myself for being so caught in an autopilot mode. It was really hilarious because I had just touched that topic a day earlier.

My autopilot mode had conditioned my brain to head towards the Sentul Timur route as that has been my usual route 99% of the time. About the very few occasions that I had taken the Sri Petaling route was during the Commonwealth Games which Malaysia hosted way back in 1998. Back then, I was a Commonwealth Games volunteer.

What was hilarious about the whole thing was that, despite my brain knowing where to go when I had correctly asked for the ticket to Sungai Besi, yet my legs had gone on autopilot mode...