Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 38

3 March 2010, Wednesday
Day 38

Oooo...lala... for the first time in weeks, I'm feeling rather upbeat as my kitchen makover is finally nearing completion.

The plumber came in to complete the piping work. To think all this while, the extremely slow water flow was because of the clogged pipes!! When the plumber showed me the residue that was residing in the taps, I just couldn't believe my eyes!!. I couldn't even put my finger inside the tap as it was blocked as soon as the finger went it.

Now, I'm extremely happy with the strong water pressure that's pouring out of my kitchen taps. The Indonesian workers came in to complete the cementing of my concrete cabinet plus putting the final touches to my arch. And they removed all the shutters from my kittos' room to replace with sliding glass windows.

Hopefully the electrician would come in later part of the afternoon to complete the electrical work.

Now what's left is for the carpenter to come in on Friday to install the kitchen cabinet. And we can start cleaning all the MESS in our house.

And work on my garden and compound makeover can begin, hopefully by this Saturday. I'm waiting for Ah Wai (the contractor) to show us the samples of the Shanghai tiles and pebblewash and also the wall tiles for our garden.

This makeover would not be such a major headache as work would be confined outside of my house.

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