Friday, September 4, 2009

Time Sure Flies: It's the 14th Day of Ramadan

4 September 2009

Today is yet another day when it was just Khairul (my eldest son) and Khairi (my youngest son) who kept me company at the dining table during buka puasa.

It's the 3rd time in Ramadan that my husband had to attend an official buka puasa do at UPM (that's what I called the peril of being married to someone who's half married to his organization....) You only get him half the time.

And it's the 5th day running that Khairil (my second son) was missing from home during buka puasa.  According to his sms, still busy at work...).

Today it was a simple fare comprising white rice (which I abstaned from taking), ikan pari and ikan cencaru bakar, sambal belacan air asam, rojak tahu, kuah lemak cili padi ikan tenggiri and urap kacang botol and tauge Indonesia. Simple yet delectable and yummy. Except for the ikan bakar, everything else was prepared by yours truly.

Another day has gone by, another meal savoured.  And Allah, thank you for still keeping me and my family alive and for showering us with abundance of food. Syukur Alhamdulillah.


  1. ma, can't wait to be back at home..i miss your cooking!

  2. Don't worry Little One. It'll be a matter of days before you will spend time with us again. Love you loads!!

  3. Salam Wan,

    Its truly fantastic ediary of urs lah. Klu dah 'Information Scientist' blog tu, what else can I say..mmg very informative. X habis baca lagi nih..I'll browse thru as and when akak free..BTW, I dh add ur blog to my link...Bravo Cik Wan!

  4. Thanks Zam. dari dulu, cita-cita nak jadi writer tapi tak kesampaian. So, with the advent of technology, apa lagi, peluang keemesan, pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. Continue browsing, more to come!!!