Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cough Mixture and Missing Buttons

29 September 2009, Tuesday (10 Syawal)

Today, I received 3 calls from my ex TESOL students (Javad Del Pazir from Iran, Siti Sobiroh from Indonesia, and Anthony Akhigbe from Nigeria), and it made my day. Coupled with these calls, I'm feeling a little better, in fact much better compared to the last 3 days.  My wheezing has eased somewhat and I can breathe a little better with all the medications my doctor have prescribed to me.

Last nite, I was coughing rather severely because I was still wheezing badly.  Despite persistent cajoling from my hubby, I had refused to take the cough mixture because I totally abhor the taste.
I remembered how my mum would force feed me those cough mixtures when I was young. She had to press my nose and force opened my mouth.  And as I grow a little older, she had to bribe me to take those mixtures.  I used to be very sickly when I was young, and that was the only way (bribery...) to force me to take medicines. I used to collect lots of coins from those bribes.......

And as I grow much older and was able to take medicine on my own, I had actually tricked my mum and along the process, cheated myself too, by pouring the cough mixtures down the sink. So, you can imagine my total abhorrence and hate affair with this medicine.  And till today, I'd rather take all the medicines in the world (no matter how bitter) but not the liquid cough mixtures.  Oh, why can't pharmacists invent cough medicines in pills or in tablets form????

And because I'm feeling a little better, I had decided to allocate some time sifting through my husband's closet to see which shirts need mending as he has been complaining incessantly that so many buttons had dropped from his shirts.
So, being a dutiful wife, and with time on my side, I had mended about 9 of his shirts with missing buttons and in fact had taken the trouble to reinforce some buttons which appeared loose.

I did not have such luxury previously as I had been busy with work.  In the past, it was my maid who had done such things.  But today, I feel proud and wonderful that as a wife, I'm able to indulge in such things again.
So dear hubby, from today onwards, I hope not to hear any more whining from you about missing buttons from your shirts. And stop harassing me about the cough mixtures.  No bribes would induce me to take that stinking and disgusting mixtures. Anyway, I  love you sayang.


  1. ohhoo..like mother like daughter. ina pun tak suka mkn ubat batuk! heheh.

  2. But don't do what a mother does wrong!!!! He. he. he...