Monday, September 28, 2009

Emptiness All Around

28 September 2009, Monday (9 Syawal)

Today, my house seems very empty after a week of activity.  Today, it's just me at home.  My husband is back at work after spending a week with me and our kids for Hari Raya.  Ina went back to UTM, Johor yesterday and that adds to my feeling of despondency.

Khairul and Khairi have resumed their classes at the University and school respectively.  And Khairil has gone to Malacca for site visit which is part of his job reckeeing for places to hold events.

So, I'm left all alone at home, nursing my bad flu, cough and wheezing. In fact this is one of the worse wheezing  I've ever suffered.

The wheezing had caused me a sleepless night last night. I had tried to sleep on my cervical chair but my neck hurt terribly. So I decided to prop up several pillows on the bed to enable me to breathe better, but that too, was no better.  So in the end, I had lain flat on my cervical pillow and managed to doze off only around 4:00 a.m.

I'm still wheezing and I hope it'll go away soon.Only people who suffer from asthma and breathing difficulty will know how hard it is to breathe when you have a bout of wheezing.

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