Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nebuliser and Nasi Ikan

26 September 2009, Saturday (7 Syawal)

Today, I had a bout of bad wheezing. My husband had to take me to our family doctor to use the nebuliser as I wasn't getting better despite using the inhalers. It's been a long while since I last used the nebuliser.  All along, my asthma has been very much under control with the inhalers prescribed by HUKM.

But for some strange reason, this time around, the attack was so so sudden and so severe. I have been resting and not doing much.

Later in the evening, my eldest sister, Kak Pah came by with my brother in law, Abang Man to send Nasi Tomato Ikan which she had cooked earlier, despite being ill herself.

Kak Pah, the Nasi Tomato is so good, really yummy and delicious.  THANK YOU so much.

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