Friday, September 25, 2009

Al-Patani Hari Raya Do@Putrajaya

25 September 2009, Friday (6 Syawal)

Today, the Al-Patani clan organised a Hari Raya do at my eldest sister's house in Putrajaya. It was attended by all the Wan Mahmood siblings including the grand children and great grand children, and was also joined by some relatives and friends.

This time around, Kak Pah decided that we should go potluck. So most of the Wan Mahmood siblings had chipped in with various types of food. And Kak Pah had plenty of help from her siblings, niece, nephew and son.
Noraihan, my niece and I decided to contribute Steamboat dish.  I prepared the soup and home made fish ball, stuffed ladies finger and stuffed chillies, whilst Rehan bought all the other stuff for the steam boat (various types of vege, squids, and all the fish cakes).
Ocah contributed marinated beef for grilling and potato salad, while Kirah cooked daging masak hitam.  Abang Jen had brought BIG shrimps which were used for both the grilled dish as well as steam boat. Kak Ida had prepared jelly.
And kak Pah, the host had cooked Mee Siam and Kuey Teow, where the latter was cooked on the spot for all the ravenous guests.
Thank God, I had prepared beforehand most of the stuff for the steamboat.  Once I reached Putrajaya, all I needed to do was to start cooking the soup with all the ingredients I had prepared earlier.

Just after we left my house in Cheras, I had started to feel like I was coming down with flu and a bad throat. True enough, once I reached Putrajaya, I had started to sneeze and my throat became really bad.

After cooking the soup, I had gone up to lie down as by that time, I had a runny nose and my head was pounding and was feeling feverish.

By the time, I came down to the living room, after maghrib prayers, I also had swollen eyes, which I believed could be attributed to my condition. The flu had really floored me. Suffice to say, the rest of the night was a nightmare for me.

I didn't really pay attention to what was happening around me and wasn't even aware who had arrived.  I was oblivious to the surrounding as I was feeling miserable. It was fortunate that Khairina had taken many shots of the Hari Raya do.


Just as we were ready to leave the house, Kirah had demanded that I joined in the photo shoot with the Wan Mahmood siblings, so I had acquiesced as it is a rare occasion that everyone is ever present during any of our gatherings.  I must have looked a sight, with my bloated face, swollen eyes, and runny nose.  Thank God, the photos were taken from quite a distance.
Soon after the Wan Mahmood siblings/in-laws' photo shoot, my family was one of the first to leave my sister's house as by that time, I had also started to wheeze badly and all I wanted to do was to go to bed and hit the pillow.

I did not salam anyone as I was worried about passing the flu bugs to them, so I quietly left my sister's house and hit home.It was a huge relief to be back home given my condition.

Till we meet again at the next Al-Patani gathering, which I believed will be held at my eldest brother's house (Fusil) in Subang Jaya.

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