Thursday, September 24, 2009

Butterlicious Butter Cookies

24 September 2009, Thursday (5 Syawal)

Despite being extremely exhausted as we had been out the entire day doing errands and banking transactions (the only time I could do all these is when my hubby is on leave), Ina (my little princess) and I decided to bake cookies after maghrib prayers.

It was actually more of Ina's urging and the fact that I had just bought a biscuit pump earlier today, rather than anything else that had motivated me to agree to bake.

Ina stood next to me when I mixed all the ingredients (flour, corn flour, caster sugar, egg, vanilla essence, salt, and butter) to make buttercious butter cookies (my children's favourite).  When I was mixing the ingredients, Ina had helped me to grease the cooking tray with butter.
Right after it's nicely mixed, I had passed Ina the biscuit pump to pump the butter cookies.  And less than 2 hours later, we had 4 containers-full of oven-fresh butter cookies. Ina was so delighted as she did not realise that baking is that easy.
And soon after the cookies were baked, my hubby, Ina, and my three boys did not wait a moment longer to savour the "hot-from-the-oven" butter cookies and wiped out one container that night itself.  Hmmmmmm..... that's what I'd call yummy, delicious butterlicious butter cookies.

Ina had planned to take back at least one container to UTM, Johor and I pray there'll be some left for her to take back....

As I'm now a full time home maker, I will have plenty of time to bake.  Perhaps, my kids will now have year-round home-made cookies, rather than having to wait for the next Raya in 2010.  Only time will tell, coz these days my passion is really blogging...........

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