Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Family's Love Affair with the Sweet, Tantalizing and Creamy Cendol

22 September 2009, Tuesday (3 Syawal)

I for one am not really into Cendol as I don't really appreciate anything which is sweet.  But that morning, the 3rd day of Syawal, after we had checked out of our hotel, enroute to KL, and after much whining from my eldest son, Khairul to eat Cendol, we had scoured the town for Cendol.
And finally found a stall which was opened.  The stall sat directly opposite the Stadhuys, in Malacca, very strategic, and was brimming with patrons.
And once we were seated, we started to order a bowl of Cendol each. I think the mamak was amused with our orders. You would be too when you look at our orders:
1/ Amir's (my husband's) and Khairil's -Cendol Taruh Semua with Pulut
2/ Yours Truly - Cendol Taruh Semua with Pulut, and...... Extra Kacang
3/ Khairul's and Khairi's - Cendol - Without Kacang
4/ Khairina - Cendol with Pulut, without Kacang

Mind boggling!!! Thank God, the Cendol seller was very adept at his trade and all our orders came spot-on.
 And the satisfied look on Khairina's face described it all.
After savouring the yummy first bowl, most of us ordered a second helping, and some even had a third. And that was the start of my love affair with one of the best Cendols I had ever tasted.

Happy and Satisfied Faces All Around
Just look at the empty bowls!!!
And Khairul and Khairina even ordered an extra
Ice Kacang each (shaved ice)
And the bemused mamak had a tough time recollecting what what we had as he had not jotted down our orders earlier.  I reckoned most of the time, he just commited the orders to memory as the orders were a few each time.
And while waiting for the mamak to calculate our total orders, Khairi had taken the opportunity to order a third bowl!!!Can you beat that???

 And this is the effect of Cendol on my husband. Just look how tipsy and "drunk" he was with Cendol!!
And more hilarious antics and "poses" from my husband.  Oh... imagine... what Cendol can do to you!!! Sorry Sayang, I've to expose the other side of you!!!! He..he..he..he............ I couldn't help it.  coz you really look a sight!!!


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