Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 11

4 February 2010 (Thursday)
Day 11

It's been more than a week since my kitchen makeover started. I'm getting very impatient as everywhere is a mess. Now, my bedroom has trebled up as a mini kitchen cum dining area apart from what the name implies.

And talking about names, I met someone on FB, who goes by the name of Dart Vader (notice the H is missing..??). I always wonder why people need to hide behind a pseudonym. What exactly are they trying to hide or conceal?

My take on this is, if you are brave enough to join a social network, you ought to be brave enough to reveal your true identity, unless you have an ulterior motive. I'm sure there's plenty of  Dart Vaders on FB and other social networking in cyber space.

And have you ever wondered what their true motive is? Could it be to hoodwink gullible people? Or was it to just appease their abnormal state of mind? Whatever the motive is, the likes of Dart Vaders should be shot by, what else, but darts, of course!! and banished from cyber space.

Cyber space or kitchen space? That is the question.

In my kitchen space, I can whip up a frenzy with all my cooking. In cyber space? I've met a lot of friends, both young and old, new friends, old friends, crazy friends, and even weirdos.

I've been very eager to meet up with my old classmates from Maju Secondary School, Singapore since joining FB. So, when a guy added me as a friend, I was thrilled to bits, thinking he was my classmate, as I just couldn't recall some of their names, especially the boys. Anyway, it turned out, he wasn't.

But what tickled and amused me most was his posting to my query on FB, "I'm happy to be ACQUITTED!" Of course, you can guess what my reply was.

"You mean you were charged in court for an offence, and they ACQUITTED you?" Welll, what he actually meant was, he was happy to be ACQUAINTED with me.

Since then, he has stopped liasing with me, as I reckon he wasn't too happy to be "ACQUITTED" by me.....he'd rather the judge...... Till today, this has been one of the highlights in my FB sojourn, it still tickled me to bits whenever I reminisce about this hilarious exchange.

That's some of the lighter moments on FB. I think, enough of cyber space.

And back to my kitchen space, I'm waiting to see what progress the workers made today, on Day 10....

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