Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 33

26 February 2010, Friday
Day 33

I was hoping that today most of the outstanding work would be done, but again was disappointed as Jali said that the plaster ceiling could only can be done on Saturday.

The plumber came to install the taps. And once he tested the washing machine tap, we were told the grim news that the water pressure was too low for it to function effectively.

This is due to the old taps from days gone by which may have rusted and blocked the water flow. Hence, we have no choice but to change to new piping system. And obviously, there's additional cost involved.

And, as today is a public holiday and since my busy-as-a-bee soulmate is around, we went to IKEA and Ikano Power Centre (Harvey Norman and Home Presentation) looking for kitchen accessories and fittings.

And I came home a happy woman as I got what I wanted for my kitchen - a beautiful black adjustable table which can extend on both ends should the need arise. And to complement our kitchen theme, we bought 2 black and 2 white chairs. The set is really pretty. I also indulged in 4 black vases and a transparent vase.

And later we drove to Jaya Jusco at Maluri as we wanted to look for an electronic crockery dryer. Earlier, we had scouted for it at Harvey Norman but was disappointed as the one they have in stock looks more like a hamster cage. So, when we saw the one at JJ, we bought it without much hesitation.

Drying dishes and cutleries has always been a thorny and wet issue, and with this set, the problem of a messy and wet area would be a thing of the past.

All in all, despite the earlier disappointment (with the slow progress of my kitchen makeover and the grim news about our piping system), I am deliriously happy as I got what my heart desired. And I'm certainly looking forward to decorating my kitchen next week.

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