Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 17

10 February 2010, Wednesday
Day 17

It's 4 days to Chinese New Year, and the Chinese workers are vigorously laying the tiles on my kitchen wall. The walls now are beginning to look very pretty.

They managed to complete 90% of the wall tiling today. I'm certain everything will be complete by tomorrow.
And day after, the Indonesian workers can take over work on tiling the floor, fixing the gutters, and grille.

What's left to be done after CNY would be to do the cabinet, fix all the lightings, the cooker hood, the hob, the fan, and the taps.

And once all that's done, I've to begin the ardous, challenging, back-breaking and tough job of cleaning up the mess arising from just the kitchen makeover (the living room, the dining room, my father-in-law's room, the family hall, and my bedroom), of course with the help of my temp maids. And although I'm looking forward to using my new made-up kitchen, I do not relish the thought of the cleaning-up. Oh, my!!!

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