Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 10

3 February 2010 (Wednesday)
Day 10

The workers who are assigned to my kitchen makeover are kind of erratic in the time they report for work at my house. Their usual starting time is 9:00 a.m, but some days, they can be as late as 9:45 a.m. Day before yesterday, they arrived late. And I thought it'll be the same yesterday, but no! They arrived just before 9:00. And today, when I had expected them to arrive early, they arrived only at 10:00 a.m. Arggghhh... I can never understand these people.

Call it one of my quirks, strengths, or weaknesses, but whatever the label or term you call it, I'm a stickler for punctuality.

I detest and abhor people who are late, and who don't treat being punctual as a boon. I'm one who strongly believe in being systematic, both to benefit me as well as others who may be associated with me.

From my schooldays as a primary school pupil, I had always insisted on being early, not just being punctual to arrive in school. And this trait or quirk has remained with me till today.

I recalled being always early for my dates with my boyfriend (now my soulmate). I would ensure I arrived at least 15-20 minutes ahead of him.

And even when I was working, I had always been one of the firsts, if not the first to arrive in the office. I would be in the office when everywhere is still shrouded in darkness, when the sun is still shy of peeking its brightness, when most people are still fast asleep in bed, even the birds and bees lay quiet in their nests and resting places.

I guess I'm what you would term as a morning person. I know it's wishful thinking, but how I wish more people would make punctuality a part of their lives, my kitchen makeover workers, included....

I am actually getting agitated with the rather slow progress of my kitchen makeover as I reckoned the workers aren't putting in their utmost effort to complete this job as soon as possible. So I called Jali up to find out the status, and was told that everything should be in its place and makeover completed in 10 days' time, i.e by 13 February. I'm anxious because once it rolls into Chinese New Year, it's gonna be difficult to complete everything as the Chinese contractors would take almost 2 weeks break (right up to Chap Goh Mei).

I badly need my kitchen to be done quickly as not only has the food bill sky rocketed since the renovation began, I'm also (I'm sure my husband and kittos too) are missing terribly my home-cooked meals.

And to make matters worse, I've cancelled all my English classes as the dining and living area are not 'livable,' hence not suitable to conduct any classes. I wish progress will be speeded up.

Pics from Day 9

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