Friday, February 19, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 26

19 February 2010, Friday
Day 26

Today, both my husband and I are bound for Singapore. It'll be the first time, we're flying SilkAir.

And we're leaving the workers to resume work on my kitchen make-over. I hope everything will turn out okay with both of us being away.

Occasionally checked with the kids and was told that the wall tiles had been completed. Phew!!! Thank God there's progress.


  1. Awesome and very encouraging write-up. Hebat tuh..Once ur kitchen completed u dh blh publish dh book on Kitchen Makeover...very detail and impressive. huhuhu...Kitchen Consultants!

  2. Kah.kah.kah.... satu bulan tak abis2 lagi....

  3. mula2 tu rasa seronok. Dah 2 minggu rasa bosan, 3 minggu rasa nak keriau, 4 minggu, rasa nak terjun bangunan (hahaha, yg rendah je), and if 5 minggu, I wushu all the workers..........