Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 15

8 February 2010 (Monday)
Day 15

Yesterday we went to IKEA to buy kitchen accesories. And later dropped by Alfo Lightings in SS2 to buy downlights for the kitchen. We like their contemporary selection. Last week, we had selected 2 modern lights design for the kitchen and another light for the washroom. We scouted around for shops selling taps but to no avail as most shops were closed, yesterday, being Sunday.

So, tomorrow we were planning to buy the taps in PJ Old Town. It's kind of strange that despite us staying in KL, most of the stuff and accessories we bought were all from PJ.

Today, two Chinese workers (Ah Wai and Ah Ki) came to start work on laying the tiles. According to Ah Wai, it'll probably take 10 days to complete the entire job. I was quite surprised as Jali had said that it was going to take only 4 days. That being the case, it will encroach into Chinese New Year, and they being Chinese will obviously take a break, so the completion date for my kitchen makeover will be further delayed. Much as I hated this, I reckon I have no choice. Looks like, the entire makeover will take more than 1 month.

When Ah Wai surveyed the walls, he told me that he needed to add more cement to some of the walls as it was uneven. And they spent the enire day today plastering the walls. I reckoned they would only start laying the wall tiles with effect from tomorrow.

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