Friday, February 5, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 12

5 February 2010 (Friday)
Day 12

I fervently hope progress on my kitchen makeover will pick up pace today. We were told the workers would begin plastering the walls today which would continue till Sunday (I recalled how adamant they were to be given a break last Sunday), so I'm not sure if Jali could convince them to come in this Sunday.

The floor and wall tiles are expected to arrive by today. And the plan is to start working on the tiling by Monday. Hope everything will go as plan.

Meanwhile, I'm making good progress on Phase Two (editing) of my Digital Marketing book. I hope to complete Phase Two and Three (proof-reading) before Chinese New Year, as I'm slated to go to Singapore for a couple of days after Lunar New Year.

Just before the workers left for the day, Enji told me they were done with whatever needed to be done which surprised me as Jali had indicated earlier they would work right through Sunday.

Progress and Pics on Day 11
Plaster: 95% done, some parts still not done
Tiles: No sign of them at all
Door: Nil
Grille: Nil
Gutter: Nil

I'm feeling really exasperated. In fact, today is one day since the renovation started that I felt as though I'm falling down an abysss, so deep I'm not sure I can ever come out of the rut again.

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