Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 13

6 February 2010 (Saturday)
Day 13

Woke up feeling like as though there are tons of bricks on my head. Now, I remember!! I'm in an abyss. And all the bricks have fallen down on me. Now, it's no wonder that the kitchen isn't completed yet. They're supposed to use the bricks, instead they've thrown those bricks into the abyss where I lay suffocating.....

Jali, the supervisor came by today, after being missing for a week. I took the opoprtunity to raise a few things with him that needed to be sorted out.

The workers were supposed to fix the door, grille, gutter, but I was told that they couldn't proceed because Enji, head worker was injured after falling down the ladder in my kitchen yesterday.

Anyway, a worker came later part of the afternoon to fix the glass for my father-in-law's window. And, finally, in the evening, the much-awaited tiles came.

I had been bugging Jali on the tiles as CNY is just round the corner, and if there's further delay, it's going to hold up the completion of my kitchen too.

When I saw the 'poster-like' tiles (meant as decorative item) and the border tiles, I immediately fell in love with them.

Jali had given us a catalogue from White Horse much earlier, and I hadn't like any of the designs and had asked for different ones. And that was when I had first laid eyes on these beautiful contempoary and vogue tiles. And I've prayed hard that those tiles would be in stock, and my prayers had been answered.

And seeing the real thing today took my breath away. It's really beautiful. I can't wait for them to start laying the tiles, which they promised to start next Monday.

Meanwhile, despite the euphoria of seeing the awesome-looking tiles, I'm still in the rut, still in an abyss, now with some of the bricks removed. I'm now able to breathe a little better.But, just the same, the abyss is where I'll remain till God knows when......

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