Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sayonara Singapore and back to my Kitchen Makeover, Day 29

22 February 2010, Monday
Day 29

After 4 glorious days with my gorgeous and awesome friends in Singapore and with a heavy heart, I left Singapore.

I had an amazing time there. ... And I was really touched by the attention and care showered by my dear friends during my stay there. Both my husband and I were amused when Munah's brother-in-law, Peter, arranged for a car to pick us up from Holiday Inn.

We left in style in a MERCEDES (I felt like I was in a make-believe world). And upon arrival at Changi airport, we were met by Sabariah who bought us a heavenly brunch at a North Indian restaurant and got me a handsome discount when I purchased some perfumeries.

Earlier, she had ordered layered cake all the way from Medan with just a phone call to one of her SilkAir colleagues in Medan and refused to accept payment for it. How could I ever thank all my friends, especially Sabariah and hubby Shafii, Munah and hubby Nor, Safaruan and wife Sabariah, Isa and the rest?  In fact I had never felt more loved.

And once I reached home, it was back to reality, back to a messy house, from the dining, to the living to the family hall and right up to my bedroom, everywhere is a mess pending completion of my kitchen makeover. And to my friends in Singapore, I'm gonna miss u and love you guys and gals!!!

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