Saturday, February 20, 2010

Down memory lane in Singapore and Kitchen Makeover, Day 27

20 February 2010, Saturday
It's awesome to catch up with my old friends in Singapore

I'm been in Singapore since yesterday, Friday (19 Feb) taking a much-needed break after slogging at the computer the last 3 months working on my Digital Marketing book. Miracles of miracles, I managed to complete the book on the eve of my departure to Singapore.

I was kind of worried as I had to leave the supervision of my kitchen make-over to my kids, but then again, I badly needed this break and I was so looking forward to catching up with my old friends in Singapore.

Safaruan (my ex-school mate) picked me up from Holiday Inn City Centre at Orchard Road at 9:00 a.m. and he was joined by his hospitable wife, Sabariah, another ex-school mate, Sabariah (too) and her husband Shaffii.

We headed to Hajjah Maimunah, a popular joint at Geylang for breakfast. I savoured every morsel of my lontong, which was really, ohhhh so goood. We had a jolly good time catching up on old times and were later joined by Maimunah (not the owner of the shop, rather my ex-classmate) and Haida (another ex-schoolmate).

Before these two friends arrived, the discussion was quite subdued except for regales of stories from Sabariah and laughters from the rest.

But the minute those two arrived, they sent sparks flying and the whole group erupted into laughter. We were there till almost noon. As Munah and Haida weren't free to join us, Safaruan dropped Sabariah, Shaffii and I at Parkway Parade.

We adjourned for coffee at Starbucks. It was interesting to note how Shafii reacted to Sabariah, I guess most married couples would potray similar traits, me and hubby included.....

As we had a rather late breakfast, we decided to defer lunch to almost 2:30 p.m at Kartini Restoran at Parkway Parade. The food was really great, in particular the Tahu Telor... Oh my..... that was really yummy.

And later in the evening, despite being rather tired, and as I had already made prior arrangement, I met Zaleha Arip (a new friend I made through Facebook). We had a simple dinner at the nearby restaurant. We chitchatted for about an hour or two.

Zaleha, I'd always remember two things about you. 1/How you told me about being conned by taxi drivers in Malaysia despite looking very much like a Malaysian (although you were not happy when someone commented that you look just like a Malaysian as you were very proud of your Singaporean look????), and 2/Your comment "I smell Malaysia", which I thought was in rather poor taste.

All in all, despite my brush with a little Singapore snobbery, I had a wonderful and great time with my ex-school mates. And I'm looking forward to meeting them again and some others tomorrow for BBQ at Munah's house. And this time my husband would be joining me.

Later in the evening, I spoke to my son to find out the progress of my kitchen make-over. At long last, they have laid tiles on my table top. I reckoned that by the time we arrived back home on Monday afternoon, work on the floor tiles would have started. 

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