Monday, February 22, 2010

Quaint evening by the poolside

21 February 2010 Sunday

This evening, my husband and I went to Munah's house (my ex class mate) and were joined by some of the Majuans, batch 1976 for a BBQ by the poolside. Some of Munah's family members were there too - her dad, her sis, her brother-in-law, Peter, her kids and her grand-kids.

This quaint little gathering saw the presence of Safaruan and wife, Sabariah, Sabariah and hubby, Shafii, Hafiz and wife, Yati, Usop and wife, Amanda, Syed Mohamad and wife, Hajar, Syed Salim (solo), Hamid and wife, Linda, Isa, Zainab, and Suriani.

Seated front from left: Munah, Amanda, yours truly, Yati, Sabariah, Hajar, Zainab, Suriani
Back standing: Amir (my soulmate, Usop, Hafiz, Shafii, Safaruan, Syed Mohamad, Isa, Nor (Munah's hubby) 

Sabariah took centre stage from the moment we arrived at 7:00 p.m. There was no stopping her the moment she hit the gazebo. She regaled us with hilarious tales and had us in stitches till our sides ached. And we were amazed at her boundless energy. Suffice to say, she is really one of a kind, and she's absolutely the complete opposite of her dear hubby, Shafii.

Munah commented how quiet I had been. How could anyone else open their mouth with Sabariah holding court.....LOL!!!

And Munah teased me mercilessly about how neat I had kept my uniform when I was in school. And everyone was stumped when I told them my dad was the one who had to iron my pleated skirt. The pleats were sharp and crisp and that was the way I liked my uniform every day.

And they remembered too how clean and white my school shoes were. Oh my....those were the days.

Before we realised it, it was already past midnight. As tomorrow was a working day, we called it a night at 12:30 p.m. It was a great reunion of some sort for me and one which I'll remember for a long time - Awesome food, and even more AWESOME company.

Isa, Suriani and Zainab dropped us off at Holiday Inn, Orchard. And the minute both my husband and I hit our pillows, we went to lalaland almost immediately.

It has been a truly meaningful and awesome sojourn for me in Singapore. So long guys and gals. Till we meet again. I'm gonna miss everyone!!!

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